truFacts: Why We Don’t Have a Car Bonus

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Car BonusNetworking is a competitive environment. There’s no way around it.

As with any other highly competitive space, there’s a lot of jockeying and maneuvering for the attention of potential customers. This has led network marketing down a somewhat convoluted path towards some pretty extreme marketing tactics. This includes, but is not limited to, luxury cars, vacations, extravagant jewelry, and other such indicators of one’s status in life. Don’t get us wrong, all of those things are great. We like nice things just as much as the next person. But there’s a problem- a big problem. Most network marketing companies that offer these sorts of perks wrap them up with a big red bow and present them as if the company is just “giving” them to you. In a select few cases that may be true, but in others it’s certainly not. The best example of this is car bonuses. Imagine it: You’ve joined a new network marketing company. You’re two or three months in, and you’re steadily building a group.  Next thing you know you’ve hit a rank (usually between 12,000-15,000 in product volume) and you now have the ability to have your luxury car subsidized by the company. They’ll foot the bill (usually $500-$750) for a lease of a BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, or some other specific Luxury brand vehicle. The catch- and it’s a big one- is that the company is not just giving you a car. It’s your name and your credit on the lease. If for any reason you fail to stay qualified at that level and lose your car bonus, you are still responsible to make that monthly lease payment.

The catch- and it’s a big one- is that the company is not just giving you a car. It’s your name and your credit on the lease.
The real problem is that this scenario happens all the time. There are many people who have earned luxury car bonuses from these companies only to have their cars repossessed within a few months.  When viewed through this lens, the car bonuses turn into a really nasty retention tool. In other words, if you don’t maintain your rank with company XYZ, you’ll lose your luxury car, but also your credit score will be wrecked. Talk about motivation… At Truvision health, we don’t encourage people to take on unnecessary debt.  We focus on rewarding people using a very straightforward system, and we leave it up to them to decide what success should look like in their life. We’re not opposed to nice things, but what we’re opposed to is this: dangling the carrot of nice things to get people motivated, then basically holding people ransom once those nice things are attained.  We wouldn’t want to be treated that way, which is why we won’t do it to you.  Hence, Truvision health doesn’t have a car program.

But, here’s what we do have:

  • An extremely effective product line
  • A very high retention rate
  • A culture that inspires people to make healthy changes in their life
  • A simple compensation structure (that allows people to purchase whatever cars they like)
  • And a vision to bring goodness to as many people as we can

Which would you rather have?