Brittany Klein


was always thin growing up. I was a cheerleader and always very active but after giving birth to my sons, my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome worsened and I began to gain weight. My mom and grandmother both had gastric bypass surgery and I was getting to the point where I was going to have to as well.

I needed something that was going to work with my lifestyle. Being a mom of two young boys, working part-time and going to school to become a cardiovascular tech, I would do things the fast and easy way on a regular basis. This was especially true when it came to eating. I needed to eat healthier but still be able to feed my kids affordably and quickly.

 “I needed something that was going to work with my lifestyle.”

I first started with TruVision in September of 2014. I bought two sample packs and ended up losing five pounds the very first week! The second week I lost another four pounds. My portion sizes became much smaller and I no longer was hungry for the two double cheeseburgers, but a grilled chicken wrap instead!

During my first month, I lost 19 pounds and have lost 65 pounds in total so far. I went from a size 22 to a size 14! People saw what I was before TruVision and what it has allowed me to become. They believe in it because they watched me go through it. I attribute my success to the sample packs and encourage others to get their samples packs out there because they grow the business for you!

I now bring in an income that matches my husband and am able to help out with the bills tremendously. I still have more weight to lose but I also want to help others along the way during my journey. I am in the healthcare industry and I see people who struggle with weight every day. I constantly want to help and the best part, I know I can!

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