Fawn Bell


 “My heaviest weight was 300 lbs. and a size 24, today I am 160 lbs. and a size 8!”

Before Truvision I struggled physically. I’ve always been very confident in my own skin, just uncomfortable physically. My weight has always been an issue throughout my life starting at 6 years old weighing 160 lbs. I just realized that is what I weigh now…. wow. Food has always been a huge part of my life, I was able to eat a banana split all by myself when I was only 1, again, wow. I was always a healthy fat person though, never any health-related issues.

I endured comments like, ” Your face is so pretty” or ” I never noticed your size because you’re always so put together”. In high school, I was compared to a big purple character in the old burger ads. I can remember certain high school peers making fun of my size and me telling my gym teacher, whom I adored, that I would come back next year thin. Which I did and those peers all the sudden wanted to be my friend, however, because of my confidence, I did not accept their friendship. I politely explained to them that “I was the same person just in a smaller package, no thank you”. Those situations only made me more confident and empowered. I have always been an encourager and continue to do so in all I do.

I was introduced to TruVision Health through a social media message from a work out instructor. To be completely honest here, I blew her off because I was skeptical. I had come to terms with my size and had tried EVERYTHING out there without success. A few weeks later, that friend followed up with me and after a very detailed conversation I decided to start with a 30-day combo. To my surprise, I saw and felt results within the first week and decided to go forward and share with the world!

TruVision Health has shown me that there are individuals in the world that truly want others to be healthy with plant based, non-pharmaceutical supplements. It’s not about being a perfect size and fitting into a pre-conceived stereotype. These are products that can support people’s health. My heaviest weight was 300 lbs. and a size 24. Today I am 160 lbs. and a size 8… A SIZE 8!

As with everything I do – stylist, registered yoga teacher, and encourager – my mission has always been to help others find and see their own potential. TruVision Health is the perfect avenue for me to continue. I am closing my salon Dec. 31, 2018, after 22 years of hairdressing to convert it into a larger yoga and wellness studio. My life has forever been changed, not only physically, but financially as well. I am impacting lives everyday through my “career” choices and it is empowering! I am a product of my product. I do walk the walk. I am here to show others that they can change their circumstances too. I am a leader and a cheerleader as they accomplish their goals. Its ALL about how I can make the biggest impact on as many people as I can. This has always been my mission in life.

Results May Vary:  TruVision Health products are intended to be taken along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen to produce the best results. Food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise vary from person to person. This means weight loss results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

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