Everything You Need to Know About truFIX

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It’s no secret that the truFIX is a pretty big deal around here. With such a great addition to any other TruVision Health product, you will want to use this supplement to give your body a little more love. truFIX has been fine-tuned to support your blood chemistry and you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to add it to your daily routine. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about truFIX and what it can do for you!

What is truFIX?

One of our core, all natural, revolutionary weight management products, truFIX helps you to maintain optimal blood chemistry.* Support a balanced blood chemistry, manage weight, and feel your best. Available in a delicious drink or capsule.*

With plant-based ingredients including Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), magnesium, chromium, raspberry ketones, and cinnamon, truFIX supports every system in the body.* It supports blood sugar and cholesterol already within normal ranges and more!* Maintaining your general health has never been easier!*

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How do you take truFIX?

For best results, we recommend taking the truFIX with the truCONTROL. Spark your metabolism and revive your natural energy with truCONTROL meanwhile, tuning up your blood chemistry with truFIX.* We recommend taking the two capsules or two drink mixes together in the morning and then again at lunch. For best results stay consistent.

What’s in truFIX?

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid:

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a beneficial fatty acid that is produced in every cell of the body. It is also a powerful antioxidant that is beneficial to the body.

  • Magnesium:

Magnesium is essential for optimal health. It also has an important role in energy production.*

  • Raspberry Ketones:

Raspberry ketones are an enzyme extracted from raspberries. It is included in TruFix as a complimentary ingredient for metabolism support and also for its antioxidant benefit.

  • Selenium:

Abundantly found in nuts, selenium is a powerful antioxidant that has several health benefits.

  • Zinc:

Zinc is an essential trace element. It supports the immune system, contributes to normal eye and prostate health. Some athletes use zinc to encourage athletic performance and strength.

Does truFIX interact with other medications?

Before starting this or any supplement, please have your health care professional evaluate the supplement for compatibility. If pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a physician. Keep out of reach of children. If unpleasant side effects occur, discontinue use.

Don’t pass up truFIX!

Maintaining balanced blood chemistry has never been easier! You can add the truFIX to your cart today or simply add it to your order in the back office. And remember you can pair truFIX with any TruVision Health products for overall health! 

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.