TruVision Health™ 5 Year Anniversary

5 Year Anniversary

5 year Anniversary

TruVision Health™  is celebrating its 5 Year Anniversary this month. We are celebrating these incredible 5 years with a reflection of where we came from to where we are now. From 2014 to 2019 and everything in between we don’t want to forget our history. Without everyone who made it possible we wouldn’t be where we are today.  

“I’ve enjoyed being a part of TruVision Health from the very beginning. It has also been so incredible to see the difference that it has made for people’s lives. I have loved getting to build and form relationships with Associates and have them join our family. It has also been exciting to see the corporate team grow and I really do love coming into work daily because I get to be around such great people who also care about the future of TruVision Health.” -Shawn Gibson Co-Founder

TruVision Health™  5 Year Anniversary

TruVision Health was founded in May of 2014. From a small office space in 2014 to just reaching their record breaking 100 Million Dollars in annual revenue for the 2018 year. TruVision Health has expanded from 20 employees to 80, and as we grow we have moved our building space to a beautiful new location in Draper, Utah. It has taken quite a lot to get to this point and for the last 5 years many milestones were passed. We want to take a moment to reflect on our history and show you how we got to where we are today.

Co-Founder Shawn Gibson had been around the network marketing space for most of his career, he noticed a trend that a lot of network marketing companies were based on hype and opportunity rather than product driven. He wanted to start a company based on powerful products that were safe and affordable. He knew that by doing this, that the future company would have a more modest growth but it would also be more sustainable as a long term legacy company. So, a meeting was set up with David Brown. 

“I expect TruVision Health to be a billion dollar global company helping millions of people around the world.” -Derrick Raynes COO

The Start-up

Shawn wanted to start a company and knew that if this was something he wanted to do, he would need a smart and dynamic partner. He got ahold of David Brown who was already in the process of creating what is now TruVision Health. The sole reason for Dave and Shawn to connect was because Shawn knew that Dave had developed amazing products that were truly helping people change their lives. When the two of them initially met, Dave was already well on his way creating new products for this future company.  He already had new generation products as well as vendors set in place for the fulfillments they needed, as well as back office providers. Dave knew he also needed someone with him who understood the industry, both the positive and negative sides of it. He also wanted to ensure that he found the right partners that had integrity as well as the same mindset. So rather than start their own companies they decided to join forces and invest everything into creating a legacy company that is now TruVision Health.

The office started in a small office space in West Jordan, Utah with Shawn and Dave. Within the month of May 2014 pieces of the product started emerging, product comp plans, inventory, the back office and shipping were established. By June and July of that same year they opened it up for leaders that showed an interest in the product whom later became Associates. People were attracted to a company that was based on quality products and not so much so focused on the hype. To their surprise the company grew faster than what they had ever planned and surpassed all of their expectations. This was due to so many people experiencing a positive outcome with the products and the fact that it helped so many people reach their personal health goals.

“TruVision Health is a wonderful partnership between corporate operating with the highest integrity and our hard working Associates who also conduct themselves with integrity.” -David Brown Co-Founder

5 Year truFIX

Expanding the Team

Within a few months they outgrew the small office space and upgraded to a building in Draper. The two of them brought on CFO Scott Lamb, COO Derrick Raynes, and CMO Dean Petersen. These three people became instrumental into making the company what it is today and were welcomed as owners of TruVision Health. They created a strong foundation with a solid team and they were ready to grow and expand their market. As a team they started doing city meetings all over the country with new leaders. Their first meeting/grand opening was done in Nashville, TN. Through this experience of what is now known as truSUMMIT, a family of Associates was created and this is now an annual event that focus’ on Associate training, business tips, and the up and coming future of TruVision Health.

“I would hope that when people hear the company name, they associate it with positive feeling of well-being. That it can help someone in all aspects of their life from health to careers to their social interactions.” -Dean Petersen CMO

About six months into the start up date, the company started to receive international attention. Leaders were selling overseas and the market began to expand into all of North America then Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. These markets have remained strong and are some of our largest international regions. We have now expanded to parts of Europe, Mexico, Bermuda, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and the Philippines. TruVision Health has spread across the globe in extending product to benefit people’s lives.

5 Year Anniversary“I love the truFIX® – It tastes great and gives me a lot of micronutrients I don’t get from my meal plans” -Scott Lamb CFO


Many programs were created within TruVision Health such as the 10K pledge™ which was designed as a way to encourage people to change their lives through healthy and active living. We wanted to incentivize people to stay motivated and receive the recommended 10,000 steps per day. After so many benchmarks are hit, people are given prizes as well as custom TVH shoes. It became a huge success that at almost every event we have we always try to include a 10K. We love to gather our Associates and be active together as well as unite all of our stories as one.

Other programs such as Focus was created for those who hit 3 stars and above to be rewarded with an all expenses paid trip to Zions National Park in Southern Utah. This is the perfect trip to recenter and ground oneself with some hiking and yoga classes. Anyone is invited to attend and hike Angels Landing as well as The Narrows. Those who have attended have enjoyed being able to achieve something they never thought they would be able to and experience a spectacular view.

“My favorite product has to be the Pink Grapefruit HEART & HYDRATION™. It’s fun to make popsicles out of it during the summer to avoid all the sugar in store bought popsicles.” -Karlie Cisneros Director of Customer Relations

truTRANSFORMATION was then created and is a quarterly challenge where Associates can get additional support from our health and fitness coaches. It’s also a great program to experience support from a community of individuals all working towards a similar goal. truTRANSFORMATION winners get amazing prizes and one grand winner receives a makeover and shopping spree at our truSUMMIT™  event! Both programs have shown to be an amazing community of  people who encourage each other, ask and answer questions, and reach their health and financial goals together.

“Being a part of a company that truly wants to make a difference in people’s lives is one of the best things about my job. Working directly with the field gives you this chance to hear all of these incredible success stories, and it really shows exactly what TVH is all about. I get to see and experience the changes people are making in order to live a better life.” – Anna Whytock Associate Education & Conduct Supervisor

A Successful 5 Years

Sales continue to improve yearly and exceed benchmarks that surpassed all expectations. As we continue to extend our product line with products that offer a true benefit to people, we want to be the one stop company for overall health. TruVision Health have amazing Associates who love the product and have seen it truly make a difference in their lives. We are so grateful for all of the helping hands that makes TruVision Health the powerhouse that it is today. Without everyone at corporate as well as our Associates and customers, we would not be where we are now! And we can’t wait to see where we go next! Happy 5 Year Anniversary TruVision Health!

Favorite Parts

“The people who work at corporate are amazing! I have seen a lot of people come and go, but the friendships that have come from us working together are the best.” -Katie Rodriguez Director of Risk Management

“My favorite part of the company is the amazing friendships I’ve been able to build with some of my coworkers. I also really appreciate our TruVision cares program.” -Madison McArthur Customer Service

“I truly enjoy working at TruVision Health, I especially love the culture. I’ve also come to appreciate the focus on physical health here at corporate.” Tanner Savage Inventory

“I love working at TruVision Health because of the culture here and that we can all have fun together and laugh a lot.” -Adam Blake International Markets Sales Manager

“I am a big fan of the truFIX® mix as well as the HEART & HYDRATION™ Grapefruit because they honestly taste great!” -Gabe Miles Director of Domestic Operations

5 Year Anniversary Picture

“I started in Customer Service and moved to become an Elite Service Representative for our top leaders within the company. I love hearing our associates’ stories. The hardships and accomplishments that our customers have had in their lives is mind blowing and inspirational. I always feels so honored to be part of a company that treats their associates like family. Everyone cares so deeply about each other and there is always a helping hand, whether it’s at corporate, another state or even across the world. It has been a privilege working with our top leaders and getting to know them on a personal level. I’ve had so much personal growth in working at TruVision Health that I will forever be grateful for.” – Madelyn Johnson Elite Service Representative

“I like how everyone at corporate is like a big family. We all know each other and we all can joke together everyday. It’s an awesome place to work!” -Chad John Assistant Controller

“TVH has an amazing culture where everyone makes you feel at home. It’s a fun place to work alongside getting to know the amazing field… it’s a win win!” -Amanda Valdiviezo Leadership Development Specialist