From Fortune 500 to Formulator

David started his career in accounting working for an International Fortune 500 company. He was able to climb the corporate ladder rapidly and achieved the position of controller. During his corporate years, David became interested and was drawn to health and supplementation. He learned he not only had a passion for understanding nutritional formulations but had a talent for research. In 1993 he made a career path change from accounting to health. Since that time he has been fortunate to have developed multiple formulas that have been very successful in both effectiveness and consumer sales.

A Core Part of TruVision Health

In the fall of 2013, he determined it was time to form a health company that would utilize network marketing to introduce health products that are very effective and beneficial to people’s health. His product knowledge combined with his Fortune 500 experience enabled him to lay the foundation of a company that operates very efficiently. This allows the company to offer products at truly competitive prices rather than the high prices typically found in companies utilizing network marketing. Today he is an integral part of TruVision Health’s management team that is dedicated to improving people’s physical and financial health.

Work Hard, Play

David enjoys spending his time pouring over research to create a perpetual lineup of leading-edge products that will continue to benefit people for years to come. He also loves interacting with the company’s wonderful Associates. When he’s not involved with work and research he loves camping, riding motorcycles, cycling, and Disneyland! He is a dedicated husband and father who places his family as his top priority.

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