Why You Won’t Want to Miss Molly Bloom’s Keynote

TruVision Health’s annual summit is an event for professionals in the healthcare and wellness industry to network and gain valuable insights from one another. On the third day of this year’s highly-anticipated TruSUMMIT event, on Saturday, August 9, 2019, famed author and entrepreneur Molly Bloom will make a keynote speech that’s sure to be packed with important lessons and powerful insights. Her story is so fascinating that a Hollywood film-adaptation of her memoir, Molly’s Game, was nominated for several prestigious Academy Awards after the film’s debut in 2017.

Molly Bloom’s Progression from Elite Skier to Underground Poker Boss to FBI Informant

Molly Bloom started her adult life as an aspiring Olympic skier, but she grew tired of following her father’s dreams instead of finding her own passion. In 2004, she moved out to Los Angeles, California, and started working at a restaurant that would soon change her life. The man who hired her introduced her to the world of underground poker, and she eventually went on to start her own event and catering business as a front for hosting illegal high-stakes poker matches. 

Her business saw A-list celebrities like Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio betting insane amounts of cash on poker matches held in secret locations. Bloom eventually slipped up and was busted by law enforcement, and she agreed to work with the FBI as a criminal informant in exchange for lighter sentencing.

How Impactful Stories Can Help Grow Your Business

The key message that will be delivered in Molly Bloom’s keynote speech at TruSUMMIT 2019 is that your failures, successes, and your entire life story are essentially business assets when utilized correctly. You may not have an account as entertaining as Ms. Bloom’s, but your life experiences tell a story. If you can find a way to tell that story in a compelling way, your qualifications will expand beyond degrees, certificates, and awards. Stories are an effective way to relate with audiences and creatively spread your influence. Everyone has a story, but some are better at telling theirs than others. Ms. Bloom is an excellent storyteller.

Come to TruSUMMIT 2019 to Hear Molly Bloom Tell Her Story in Person!

TruVision Health proudly sponsors this professional-development summit annually because we know that powerful and easily-accessible professional networks benefit the entire health and wellness industry as a whole. To learn more about TruSUMMIT 2019, check out our Facebook event page, or browse our website for more information.


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